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11 November 2007 @ 04:01 pm
This community is closed.
It will still accept members,
but I cannot guarantee that all the links are still working.
I will not reupload anything. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you guys want to friend/contact me, feel free: kyliemou .
30 January 2007 @ 12:48 am


Read the RULES completely in the profile,
click to join the community (also in the profile), and then comment here.
Simple enough? =)
In failure to do so, I will not accept your request.
All comments are screened.

TBA: I am quite serious about the rules. If you do not do what I ask you for, I will not accept your request to join until you do it right. And if you do follow the rules properly, remember to join the community on the profile page. I'm getting many comments but no official LJ request for me to accept you or LJ requests with no comments. I am not mean. I just don't want people saying "Oh, I read the rules" when they really didn't. Lying is bad.

FYI: I am always online. I will approve membership requests as soon as I get them (which usually takes less than a day to a week). I will let you know if you are accepted or not. If you do not hear from me after a week, then you were not accepted but I normally will have you told why.
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