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trashing hearts everywhere...

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Welcome to disposable_l0ve.
Here you shall find random uploads by kyliemou.
May it be songs, movies, tv shows, or whatever.
Whatever she feels like uploading, she'll post it here.

NOTE: This community has closed on November 11th, 2007. It will remain accepting members, but I cannot promise that all the links are still working. Thank you.

1. Read the RULES completely, click above to join the community, and then comment stating you read the rules to be added! I'm relatively nice and will accept everyone who wants to join, unless you do not do what I ask of you here.
2. No spreading around the community disposable_l0ve. If I find you doing so, I'll be very ticked off and will ban you.
3. If I see my upload links elsewhere other than this community, I will ban you. (Unless I, myself, post them elsewhere.) It took me a long time to upload these and I do not intend to see them posted by others anywhere else.
4. No requests unless I ask.
5. No flaming. I will not tolerate this.
6. Please, when taking, a comment is a must. It is also nice to thank me or show your undying love for me. ;)
7. Please do NOT comment on the Mini-Update posts. Instead, comment on the original post (link will be provided).
8. Don't forget to say you read the rules. Highlight after this sentence for the code to paste with the request for membership. r0swell<333
9. When I upload, I use mostly MegaUpload, and sometimes SendSpace and SaveFile. Rarely will I use any other uploading server so do not ask me to upload it elsewhere.
10. If a link no longer works, please leave me a nice comment (not a mean "OMG, this link no longer works! WTF?!?!?! YOU MOTHERF@#%&$!") and I will, yes or no, upload it as soon as I can.
11. I will use tags and place all entries into memories. Use them. Look at the interests below for a taste of what is uploaded here. Obviously, those are not the only things uploaded here.
12. Don't know how to download from MegaUpload, SendSpace, and SaveFile? Don't know how to combine/join split files? Fear not for I have made easy-to-follow tutorials with pictures too! Check the memories after I have accepted your request to join.

Questions and Suggestions are welcomed, but please read the FAQ first to see if any of your questions were already answered. =) I may not answer your question if it is already answered there.

FYI: I am always online. I will approve membership requests as soon as I get them (which usually takes less than a day to a week). I will let you know if you are accepted or not. If you do not hear from me after a week, then you were not accepted but I normally will have you told why.

Disclaimer: The uploads are for promotional and preview purposes only and everything downloaded from here should be deleted within 24 hours. If you like the things you downloaded from here, please buy the original. What you do with the links and uploads after is entirely up to you. I am in no way held accountable for your actions. I do not own anything that I upload. I merely provide a preview.

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